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Professional Athletes

As a professional athlete, what you eat has an immeasurable influence on how you perform, and our remote coaching ensures that we can offer you the best coaching no matter where you are in the world.

During out time together your Nutrition will be carefully structured around your training plan to ensure that you are optimally fuelling, recovering, and working towards any body composition goals.


We will support you with weekly Zoom calls and WhatsApp contact, and your members area allows us to upload personalised goals, videos and recommendations weekly. 

Our coaching rests on three pillars:

Colorful Books


We empower every athlete with the knowledge to control and progress their own Nutrition after our time together. And we strongly believe that no intervention is useful unless you understand the reasoning behind them.

Our weekly calls will have a specific education focus with accompanying resources, and our face to face time allows us to fully discuss each intervention.


Intervention and Practice

Each intervention is put in place with the sole focus on working towards your performance goals.

We implement nutrition goals in a methodical way, meaning that the fundamentals are often addressed early (energy balance, hydration, fuelling), and once this has been successfully integrated into your routine we focus on everything else.

Colorful Books


We have weekly Zoom / Teams meetings to review progress, educate on the intervention for that week, and progress where possible.

We will also regularly speak over WhatsApp to check in, but also to answer any questions that arise between calls.

Finally, you will receive login details to our members area shortly after signing up to coaching. This gives you access to your Nutrition Profile, where we upload goals, videos and resources weekly.

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*Each package has a minimum commitment of three months, after which time we can continue training together at a reduced rate, or you can take the knowledge and progress that you have made during our time together and continue to progress alone.
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