Client testimonials


Jonathan straker

I have just completed two months PT with Liam and I am very pleased with the training package he delivered.

I have retired earlier this year and underwent total replacement ankle surgery.

I wasn't looking forward to gym work as I prefer being outdoors, yet I was wrong, Liam not only helped my fitness but enhanced my mobility and confidence.

When you think you've been put out to grass and in age decline think again, this is a vital move.

cheers Liam.


rachel bolt

I would highly recommend Liam as a personal trainer.

He is very positive and highly motivating, and even though I’ve been a member of other gyms in the past, this is the first time that I have actually enjoyed training and have had visible results in a short time (I’ve gone from leg-pressing 50kg to nearly 100kg in 2 and a half months!).

Before I started my training, I found out that I was borderline hypothyroid, which made me exhausted and unmotivated, especially to work out.

In the few short months that I’ve been training with Liam, I have been told that my TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) levels have greatly improved, and I feel like I’m starting to get my energy back.

I have always fixated on a goal weight, however with Liam’s knowledge and guidance I am now focussing more on building muscle and becoming toned. I have decided to aim for a goal size instead, and I can see the difference already; my wedding dress fits even better than the day of my wedding, despite the fact that I am half a stone heavier!

It is clear to see that Liam really enjoys his job and loves to see his clients achieve their goals. This is what makes his training sessions so enjoyable and is the reason that I would recommend him to anyone who thinks their goals are out of reach.


PETE bower

I've just completed a 2 month program with Liam and couldn't recommend him highly enough.

He's really helped me kick on with my training, giving me that extra push that I needed and now I'm enjoying my training more than I have for a very long time.

He's also got me focussing on my diet, an area I've really neglected in the past, but now with my new training patterns going forward and THE added benefit of a new focus on my diet, I'm really starting to see the results I wanted.

I'd definitely recommend Liam to anybody, a top trainer and a top bloke.